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Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Education. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Browse by Genre Available eBooks Jesus Correia , Internacionalista en Embassy at Internacionalista. Fayez Alshehri. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Portuguese an essential grammar 1. Hutchinson and Janet Lloyd All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reprinted or reproduced or utilized in any form or by any electronic, mechanical, or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including photocopying and recording, or in any information storage or retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publishers.

Hutchinson and Janet Lloyd. Essential grammar Includes index. Portuguese language—Grammar. Portuguese language—Textbooks for foreign speakers—English. Lloyd, Janet, —. H88 We have attempted to cater for different groups of students, each with their own needs: the beginner, who may not have an extensive knowledge of grammatical concepts and terminology yet requires a guide through the grammar of the language; the intermediate-advanced student, who appreciates a clear reference book in moments of doubt; and the independent or adult learner, who is studying Portuguese not for academic purposes but with other aims in mind, such as business or travel.

This latter point is significant, given our firm belief that grammar should not stand divorced from usage. Although we have taken European Portuguese as our starting-point, we have indicated the most marked differences between this and Brazilian grammar and usage in Part III. We have aimed, thus, to cover both ends of the spectrum.

As African Portuguese falls somewhere between these two extremes with divergences which are more lexical than grammatical, we have decided not to extend this work into that area. Part II which deals with language functions was largely inspired by National Curriculum guidelines for other languages. In this way, we have also endeavoured to address the needs of teachers of Portuguese in secondary education. If, with this product of our effort, we can assist a wider range of people in learning and developing their knowledge of Portuguese, the eighth most spoken language in the world, we will consider ourselves well rewarded.

Our sincere thanks go to members of the Spanish and Portuguese section of the Department of Modern Languages, University of Salford, and especially to Professor Leo Hickey, for his observations, which helped us to avoid many glaring mistakes; to Mr Malcolm Marsh for his advice on how to illustrate pronunciation and to Ms Cristina Sousa, for her helpful comments regarding language functions.


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Obviously, we could not overlook the contribution of our students, who, over the years, have offered themselves as guinea pigs and their comments have always been most welcome. Despite the care that has gone into producing this book, there are, no doubt, errors, oversights and inaccuracies for which we take full responsibility. Hutchinson Janet Lloyd Salford Part II covers a wide range of language functions to assist students in putting grammar into context.

In this part, our aim was to present a series of short, self- contained dialogues which not only illustrate language functions but also provide the student and the teacher with useful source texts. The dialogues may be developed in a number of ways, of which we suggest: a role-play; b a starting-point for development of narrative skills; c grammatical analysis; d comprehension exercises.

As we have tried as far as possible to use everyday Portuguese situations in the dialogues, we hope that they may also provide useful cultural references. Most words in the Index are grammatically classified and it is intended as a learning tool. We hope that students who regularly consult the Index will gradually become accustomed to certain grammatical terms, thus finding that explanations in the book become progressively clearer. Wherever possible, we have attempted to provide close equivalent sounds in English but where this has proved impossible, we offer approximate equivalents.

But there are some exceptions where the u is read: tranquilo. Normally, the u is silent if e or i follow e. The gender of a noun is determined by its ending, its meaning or its origin.

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Note: When you learn new words, always make sure you learn their genders! See above, 2. See 2. Normally, diminutives are used to express smallness, affection and pity, whereas augmentatives usually express largeness, greatness or ugliness. These suffixes can have pejorative or grotesque meanings. They should be used by beginners with caution! My little friend is called Joaninha and she is in my school.

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Se comeres a comidinha toda dou-te uma prendinha! You should learn the most common forms! Yesterday I met Francisco, who was reading his French book. Note: As a rule first names in Portuguese are preceded by a definite article as opposed to Spanish, but similar to Catalan. Would you like a cup of tea? A Sra.

Laura Costa cozinha muito bem. B Mrs Costa cooks very well. A encomenda veio para o Sr. Quer deixar recado?

Mr Costa is not here. Would you like to leave a message? See terms of address below: Tuesday is a bank holiday. Gago Coutinho was a Portuguese aeronaut. But O Gulbenkian tinha rios de dinheiro. That Gulbenkian was rolling in it. Are you feeling better now, Mr Gomes? Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. London is the capital of England. But o Porto o Rio de Janeiro 3.

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I study chemistry. Eu falo espanhol. I speak Spanish.


Eu toco piano. I play the piano. I love flowers. But Eu adoro as flores perfumadas. I love fragrant flowers. The best in the world! The bag is on the bench. I am at university. Have you checked in the drawers? He is on the phone. My grandmother goes to mass every Sunday. We have already sent the parcels to our clients.

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The gala dinner is at 9 p. Go along the corridor on the right. The information was provided by the witness. We ran through the fields. She does everything for her daughters. Havia uma flor em cima da mesa. There was a flower on the table. Havia flores em cima da mesa. There were flowers on the table. Havia umas flores em cima da mesa.

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There were some flowers on the table. Ele trazia um Armani. He was wearing an Armani. About forty men were injured. Tens umas ideias! You have such strange ideas! Ela tem uns lindos olhos! She has such beautiful eyes! My uncle is a dentist. My uncle is an excellent dentist. The hotel was full of Belgian and German guests. He sat on a bench. Put the cake in a box, please. The article is used in some cases and omitted in others. I got into such trouble! Although this use is possible, it should be avoided in educated written Portuguese. I need some glasses.

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The house belongs to some friends. The hare is faster than the turtle. Wine is as expensive as beer. Autumn is less warm than Summer. The flat in Rua Direita is worse than this one. Ana is the friendliest girl in the class. Jorge is the least friendly boy that I have ever met. Gustavo is extremely funny. The book and the pen are new.

The worst punishment is life imprisonment 4. They live in a huge, old, ugly, and cold mansion. You sing. You pl. Are you coming to the cinema? We were waiting for you. He wanted to go to the theatre. Eu queria ir ao cinema. I wanted to go to the cinema. I want to go to the cinema but they want to go to the theatre. He saw you at the window. Ela encontrou o Rui. She met Rui. Ela encontrou-o. Esta figura foi modificado a partir de [Sahonero-Canavesi et al. Figura 4.

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