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Calls for joint action came at the end of Conference of the International Council of Christians and Jews. Speakers at the meeting of the umbrella organisation emphasised that with regard to co-operation, dialogue was begun in the immediate post-war years and is still in its early stages.

Over the period of a year a group of eight-year-olds get to know their church community and gather positive experiences, four years before they eventually start their formal confirmation classes. Military intervention is not necessarily the appropriate option, since it may well be possible to resolve conflicts through peaceful means. The first group of peacemakers trained by the Rhineland Church have been learning about what sort of models there are for this.

They have then been passing on their knowledge to school children and youth groups. President Donald Trump is splitting American church congregations. In the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland the fact of women in ministry is taken for granted.


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How do those women who are affected deal with this? Federal German laws bear witness to tolerance in respect of gender justice. But society is lagging behind. Representatives of Protestant Churches in Germany and Namibia met at the end of January in the city of Okahandja in Namibia, to commemorate the genocide committed by the German colonial troops against the Herero and Nama people during the years from to Going beyond the need for emergency aid, there is now a move to establish ongoing assistance for refugees who are stranded in northern Greece.

This is being made possible with support from the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland. Three representatives of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland, the Evangelical Church of Westphalia and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Essen signed a joint declaration and agreed on concrete forms of co-operation in local community development, as well as working together in a variety of different fields of church activity and areas of responsibility. The Evangelical Church in the Rhineland is a church linked by a global network to many different international partners abroad as well as within Germany itself.

From now on everyone will be able to get immediate information about us on our new English-language website, including information about our history, our structure, what we do and what we believe. At the closing Press Conference, President Manfred Rekowski gave a summary of what were for him the most important aspects of the Regional Synod The new composition of the church executive board, with one substitute representative.

Nine members were elected or re-elected. The remaining members did not stand for election according to the rules of rotation. Those elected will take up office at their induction on 5 March. Topics covered by the President in his Presidential Report included the Reformation anniversary, faith and ecumenism, continuing development of the church including new styles of local church congregations, social justice, terrorist attacks, and statements from the Alternative for Germany AfD.

Click to activate Datenschutzinformationen. Read aloud Reading aloud. Bringing painful memories together before God The Rhineland Church has welcomed its new partner churches in South Africa during the regional synod with a Ceremony of Remembrance, and has broached a difficult bit of history.

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More diverse and more agile Fiona Paulus, co-president of the youth synod and vice-chair of Evangelical Youth in the Rhineland EJiR , summed up events positively. Working well together, on equal footing The first-ever youth synod of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland concluded on 6 January in Bad Neuenahr with five resolutions for the regional synod beginning the next day.

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