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Lynn Ranew, Executive Director of Odyssey. Plus, she is absolutely fearless and willing to call on anyone. But Bonnie spent a lot of time training us on the best techniques of fundraising and giving us confidence that if we believed in Odyssey, we could convince others. She was our coach and our biggest fan.

Reflecting on the successful campaign, Margaret says that several things stand out in her mind. Grace sent the kids forward in time to the s, where they went searching for the vivacious Margaret Hamilton. They end up at MIT which is where Scratch is developed, btw , to check out Margaret's weather-predicting computer system where they started simple for the day and did a weather terms word-search.

After that, they headed to each of Margaret's companies where they did a model-sorting puzzle for data grouping and a debugging puzzle for error checking. She introduced error-checking code for astronauts, which was later removed, and then they made a mistake that her very code would have solved. Knowing this, Margaret was able to communicate what to do so the mission didn't need to be aborted. We learned about problem-solving and why error checking and debugging code is important. It's nice to see heroes being created right before my eyes. How much do I need to really discuss about Bill Gates?

Due to timing on this day, we cut down our puzzles to two instead of four and one of them wasn't even a puzzle anyway, but it ended up being our favorite part. We talked about how Bill and his friends hacked computers as kids to get more time on them at school since they were limited. They did a puzzle about the Pancake Problem and flipped pancakes and then ate them to see if they could match Bill's algorithm.

Finally, we talked about Bill and Melinda's philanthropy and how they're passionate about helping people, giving the kids a creative task to build their own super hero revolving around a name, a power used to help people, a vehicle, and a sidekick.

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This was by far ours - and the kids - favorite exercise of the week. They had so much fun showing off their heroes to everyone! How creative ideas and problem solving can move your forward in life, and how if you keep your heart open to helping people, that's the most important part. The kid here is named Baker, and yes, I had permission to photograph him.

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I sent the photo to his mom, too, because he's just so happy and adorable in it! Super Unicorn has a Super Heal Unisword that heals people, and I think he's just about the best superhero I've ever seen. We had other fun ones like a teleporting librarian who rides a vespa and teaches kids in low-income areas how to read. Kids are so great! I'm going to break it down into three small segments:.

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Having a cohesive story is easy if you're doing a single room or short narrative. Each day, these took us between an hour and an hour and a half except the last day, which we shortened. However, jumping between one character to another required us to put a reminder in each day as to where they'd been before, why, and how they ended up in the place they were this time. It's important to make sure that each step follows the last and sometimes a little explanation goes a long way to help the kids wrap their brains around an imaginative jump in space-time in our case! Each of the puzzles that we made directly went with the theme of the story or person that they ran into at that time.

Most of the people they talked to weren't the character the segment was about, but people who knew them and were trying to help them find the person. So we used those themes and locations to provide content. Ada was probably the hardest, so we stole from Victorian England and London itself for some ideas and relied on locations instead of people except Lord Byron to get them to their target.

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We learned pretty quickly that how the puzzles were organized mattered, and we actually have cut down the amount we'll do if we ever take on Odyssey again in future years I hope so! Starting the kids with a hard puzzle and then moving them on to an easier one was more difficult for them, rather than warming them up from easier to harder.

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This can easily conflict with theme, though, so balancing the two is a tricky process to consider! In the end, they all made it back home, and on a high note of having created their own inspirational superheroes. Almost all of the kids continued to work on their drawings of their superheroes on break after the Escape Room ended, so I highly recommend finishing up on a creative exercise that inspires them to use their imaginations.

After all, what is coding except implementing an idea?

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And that was the entire point :. Have thoughts, comments, questions? Send me a message on twitter and I'd love to chat with you! Keep up to date with our posts via our RSS feed.

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Using Imagination to Fuel Learning Imagine: You are all sitting at your computers, programming happily away. You look down at your computer and see a huge mistake in your code you are writing. You know the mistake must be huge because around you and all your classmates, the room starts whirling and twirling, making you feel dizzy.

You fall over, and as your body heads towards the ground, everything goes dark… This is how our escape room week started. Ada Lovelace Ada Lovelace wasn't a hard first pick, especially when you consider that she was born 64 years before the lightbulb was invented!!!