The Petrovski Effect: A Tess Novel

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Rockocy Hunter A. Roknich Andrew R. Rolfes Megan L. Ross Reannah N. Stevens Abigail L. Swallow Harrison J. Trikones Ryan M. VanMeter Jacob W. Wagner Kelsey M. Wilmink Sebastian K. Brecklin A. Baker Cameron B. Cantley Kelsey M. Carver Abigail F. Causey Pengfei Deng Kathryn A. Dreas Kaitlyn M. Dzuroff Austin B. Fligor Rachel M. George Peyton J. Hall Daniel L. Hiser Cooper A. Holmes Katie E. Kitchen James S.


Fulcrums of the Universe: A TESS NOVEL #2 - Randy Moffat - Google книги

Kovatch Cady E. Lenington Madison M. McCormick Kathyrn M. McIlroy Sarah K. Mcneer Hannah C. Neptune Jordan N. Pallay Taylor N. Rinard Embrey C. Roberts Jorden A. Stuart Mollie E. Swygart Marlo A. Taylor Xiaoyue Zhang. Payten M. Brown Emma N. Christman Eric W. Heft Rowan E. Henderson-Bernard Eric T. Kemp Emily L. Kinney Shelby P. Lassiter Elizabeth A. Lebar Matthew K. Mason Abigail L. McNaught Haley G. Morgan Justin W. Moser Jacob N. Parsil Adelyn Posti Laura E. Pullins Danielle D. Reed Ashley R. Schultheis Adriana D. Sevy Alyssa K. Shawger James A.

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Taylor Jordan D. Taylor Kevin R. Thomas Grace C. Tomasko Catherine Z. Wadih Taiylor L.

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Koby M. Berger Alexander M. Blackston Alyxandria R. Conkright Shea C. Carpten, Torben F. Citation: Genome Biology 18 Recent work has identified and mapped a range of posttranscriptional modifications in mRNA, including methylation of the N6 and N1 positions in adenine, pseudouridylation, and methylation of carbon 5 in cytosi The impact of RNA-seq data on annotation has been confined to major projects l Authors: Abhinav Nellore, Andrew E. Hansen, Ben Langmead and Jeffrey T. Citation: Genome Biology 17 Content type: Research Highlight.

Alternative splice isoforms are common and important and have been shown to impact many human diseases. A new study by Nellore et al. Authors: Christelle Robert and Mick Watson. Content type: Review. Despite major progress in dissecting the molecular pathways that control DNA methylation patterns in plants, little is known about the mechanisms that shape plant methylomes over evolutionary time. Drawing on The Erratum to this article has been published in Genome Biology 18 The mouse genome is replete with retrotransposon sequences, from evolutionarily young elements with mutagenic potential that must be controlled, to inactive molecular fossils whose sequences can be domesticate Authors: Patricia Gerdes, Sandra R.

Richardson and Geoffrey J. Evolutionary origins of derived morphologies ultimately stem from changes in protein structure, gene regulation, and gene content. A well-assembled, annotated reference genome is a central resource for pursuin Authors: C. Small, S. Bassham, J.

Catchen, A. Amores, A. Fuiten, R. Brown, A. Jones and W. Content type: Erratum. Palpant, Peter L. Parast, Charles E. Murry, Louise C. Laurent and Julia Salzman. The original article was published in Genome Biology 16 The original article was published in Genome Biology 17 In cancer, mutually exclusive or co-occurring somatic alterations across genes can suggest functional interactions.

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Existing tests for such patterns make the unrealistic assumption of identical gene alteration Authors: Sander Canisius, John W. Martens and Lodewyk F. Content type: Software. Existing workflows for the analysis of multi-omic microbiome datasets are lab-specific and often result in sub-optimal data usage. Here we present IMP, a reproducible and modular pipeline for the integrated an A new study of disorders of sex development presents an improved targeted next-generation sequencing approach for their diagnosis. Authors: Federica Buonocore and John C.

Genomic studies of endangered species provide insights into their evolution and demographic history, reveal patterns of genomic erosion that might limit their viability, and offer tools for their effective con Authors: Miten Jain, Hugh E. Olsen, Benedict Paten and Mark Akeson. The relationship between monogenic and polygenic forms of epilepsy is poorly understood and the extent to which the genetic and acquired epilepsies share common pathways is unclear. Here, we use an integrated Kaminski, Enrico Petretto and Michael R.

Content type: Method. Chronic low-grade inflammation reflects a subclinical immune response implicated in the pathogenesis of complex diseases. Identifying genetic loci where DNA methylation is associated with chronic low-grade inf Mendelson, Karen N. Jhun, Golareh Agha, Jan Bressler…. Content type: Meeting Report. Professor Chris Haley reports from the meeting on progress and challenges in the field. Authors: Chris S. Single-cell micro-metastases of solid tumors often occur in the bone marrow.

These disseminated tumor cells DTCs may resist therapy and lay dormant or progress to cause overt bone and visceral metastases. Wedge, April Peterson, Randi R. Authors: Alina Selega and Guido Sanguinetti. Understanding the link between non-coding sequence variants, identified in genome-wide association studies, and the pathophysiology of complex diseases remains challenging due to a lack of annotations in non-c Authors: Etienne Becht, Nicolas A. Despite their nearly identical genomes, males and females differ in risk, incidence, prevalence, severity and age-at-onset of many diseases.

Sexual dimorphism is also seen in human autosomal gene expression, a Spector, Tonu Esko, Grant W. Montgomery, Joseph E. Powell, Jian Yang, Peter M. Visscher and Allan F.

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Genome-wide association studies GWAS have revealed many susceptibility loci for complex genetic diseases. For most loci, the causal genes have not been identified. Currently, the identification of candidate Authors: Claartje A.

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Meddens, Magdalena Harakalova, Noortje A. Hijma, Edwin P. Cuppen, Johan L. Asselbergs, Edward E. Nieuwenhuis and Michal Mokry. This region harbors high amounts of Neandertal ancestry in non-African populations; ye Authors: Aaron J. Tanner, Philipp W. Messer and Luis B. A new study on sex chromosome evolution in papaya helps to illuminate sex chromosome biology, including deviations from expected trajectories.

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